Dinner With Bob

Album/Track Notes:

The band’s first attempt in the studio, “Dinner With Bob” was recorded in a single session, and it shows. Recorded at some shithole in the armpit of Jersey with some smelly asshole running the recording console, we’re sure the place is long closed down, but we weren’t sure it was even open then. The stretched out, sped up recording “master” tape we received proved it, and is why songs were re-recorded on PigDog Farm.

The EP’s name comes from a local slang term for marijuana, “Bob.” Around ’92-3, you’d ask “is Bob going to be there?” if you were looking to smoke up. So the band decided to title the short album, basically, “the munchies.”

The 4-song EP, recorded in 1993, featured four songs:

The only “complete” recording of Missing Pieces.

A superior version of Love/Void, even without the rain that appears on the PigDog Farm version.

An early version of Grey Dawn. This is the version that was played on the local radio station, and that won the band “Honorable Mention: Original Song by a Local Band.”

Man In The Glass, a song we stopped even mentioning shortly after recording it.

Vocals: Bill Hottenstein
Drums: Mike Harrison
Guitar: Jim McCloskey
Bass: Joe DeLucas

Love/ Void

by Bad Hat | Dinner With Bob

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