PigDog Farm

Album Notes:

Recorded in early December of 1995 at Signal Sound Studios in Quakertown, PA, Bad Hat’s first – and only – “full length” album was titled PigDog Farm. 9 original tracks were recorded (though only 8 were circulated, as Missing Pieces was incomplete and the band ran out of both money and recording time), and three “cover” tracks were as well.

The album is essentially a live recording of the band, with almost no overdubbing on the instruments. It is a fairly accurate representation of Bad Hat’s sound from 1993 until about 1997, when the band broke up.

PigDog Farm never got any fancy album art or liner notes, but some proposed art is included below. These pages are intended to be both those, and a trip back in time for anyone who was there for the music and the good times. Each song has a page, where you can read the lyrics and find out fun facts about each song, as well as listen to the recording.

All the songs are below, as well, if you don’t care about the trivia and just want to listen to what live music sounded like in 1995.


Bad Hat

Vocals: Bill Hottenstein
Drums: Mike Harrison
Guitar: Jim McCloskey
Bass: Joe DeLucas