Love/ Void

Track Notes:
It’s a depressing fucking ballad that originally appeared on the band’s first 4-song recording, “Dinner With Bob.” Despite being a sad ballad, only the verses are played in a minor key. The chorus is played entirely in a major key, which really seems weird when you think about it – major keys are the “happy” keys. But that chorus is certainly not happy.

The rain at the beginning and end of the song is from a stock sound effects library that the studio had on-hand for bands to use, but we used to tell everyone that it was a recording of the entire band peeing on the back deck of the studio during a recording break. Really, we did.


Didn’t want to be the one who walked away
Or be the one who let the passion go astray
I always thought we’d be together
Thought you’d be the only one… forever.

It hurts for me to feel this way
But what good does it do to feel any other way?
Was I so naive, or just ignorant?
Did I simply shut it all inside my head?

Another took my soul away
Can’t hold back these feelings, can’t get myself to stay
Evacuate the premises, eviscerate old memories
Just walk away, before I start to bleed

Remind me of all the good times
Forgive me for all my past crimes
It just sucks for me
To be alone

Don’t blame yourself – it wasn’t you
But I can’t believe it’s you I want to say goodbye to
When even friends no longer matter
And family is all but scattered

Was I doomed to fail?
Did god want me to fall?
Well, god, I’ve fallen
Don’t bother to show me the way
The way back up.

(guitar solo)

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Vocals: Bill Hottenstein
Drums: Mike Harrison
Guitar: Jim McCloskey
Bass: Joe DeLucas

Lyrics: Hottenstein
Music: Bad Hat