The Covers

I Wanna Be Sedated – Track Notes:

The Ramones’ seminal track, “I Wanna Be Sedated,” is one of two songs on PigDog Farm to “feature” all four band members singing. Zero overdubs, straight up rock-and-roll, this version kicks all the butt.

Somebody to Shove – Track Notes:

Soul Asylum’s “Somebody To Shove” features a synthesizer in the intro and the outro, and Jim transcribed that to guitar for the opening. On this track you can hear him screw up and shout out “whoops.” The band said, “keep it, it’s funny!” and so we did.

She – Track Notes:

Green Day’s “She” is a fun one to play live, as it’s simple yet awesome rock n roll. You can hear Bill taking a deep breath during the bass intro (he was kind of sick when this was recorded), and by the time the band reaches the “break,” he’s loosened up enough for a good YEAH to come out.